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Why Has Dr. Madyoon Targeted This “Missing Link”?

Why Is Venous Insufficiency “The Missing Link”?

Why do other cardiovascular exams often miss the “Missing Link”

Here's what we offer that the others may overlook

Your Venous System. The Missing Link?

But we take the extra important step: The Madyoon Method

The Practice











Your Venous System. The Missing Link?

Next the Madyoon Method will make a thorough and comprehensive examination of your venous health and the visible and not so visible effects of venous insufficiency, We begin the exam with lower extremity arterial and venous duplex and reflux scanning. We use sound waves to determine the presence of blockages in the arteries and veins of your legs that may cause symptoms such as claudication, swelling or pain.


While we understand and are sensitive to how you look, our evaluation goes far beyond “cosmetics”.

If you present to us with varicose veins, for example, we treat the underlying cause of varicose veins first with venous ablation therapy, using radio-frequency technology. Radio frequency ablation (RFA) is a medical procedure where part of the electrical conduction system of the heart, tumor or other dysfunctional tissue is ablated using the heat generated from high frequency alternating current to treat a medical disorder.

THEN we use surface body laser and sclerotherapy to treat the secondary small veins. Varicose veins appear as twisted, enlarged veins that lie close to the surface of the skin. The goal of the endovenous laser treatment is to eliminate the defective veins forcing blood to return to the heart through the deep vein system.

The end result is a beautiful, “varicose and spider vein free” leg with lasting results and no discoloration of the skin. We use only the latest and highest quality injectables and most powerful high energy laser machine for treatment of spider veins.

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