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What is P.A.D?

Am I At Risk Of Getting This Disease?

Can This Disease Be Serious?

What Sort of Treatments Are Available Once the Proper Diagnosis Is Determined through The Madyoon Method?

What If I Require More Than Medication?

PAD and Limb Salvage

Vein Treatment

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What If I Require More Than Medication?

In some cases, angioplasty or surgery may be necessary to treat Peripheral Artery Disease that's causing intermittent claudication. Take comfort in knowing that Dr. Madyoon is regarded by his peers as one of the most skilled, Board Certified interventional cardiologists in the country.

Angioplasty. In this procedure, a small hollow tube (catheter) is threaded through a blood vessel to the affected artery. There, a small balloon on the tip of the catheter is inflated to reopen the artery and flatten the blockage into the artery wall, while at the same time stretching the artery open to increase blood flow. Dr. Madyoon may also insert a mesh framework called a stent in the artery to help keep it open.

Thrombolytic therapy. If you have a blood clot blocking an artery, Dr. Madyoon may choose to inject a clot-dissolving drug into your artery at the point of the clot to break it up.

Whatever intervention may be indicated, Dr. Madyoon is your clear choice.

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