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Why Has Dr. Madyoon Targeted This “Missing Link”?

Why Is Venous Insufficiency “The Missing Link”?

Why do other cardiovascular exams often miss the “Missing Link”

Here's what we offer that the others may overlook

Your Venous System. The Missing Link?

But we take the extra important step: The Madyoon Method

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Why Is Venous Insufficiency “The Missing Link”?

To understand the true importance of the Madyoon Method for comprehensive cardiovascular investigation, examination and treatment, you must first understand that the most important cause of heart and vascular disease is "Endothelial Cell Dysfunction" or ECD.


This makes a deeper investigation of venous insufficiency much more than a cosmetic challenge!

We know that venous disease and varicose veins can have serious systemic effects and can cause or worsen cardiovascular diseases. Current important clinical trials are compounding evidence which leads us to this important “Missing Link!”

Dr. Madyoon believes the evidence is already overwhelming. He is convinced what we already know provides the opportunity to expand and improve your evaluation and ultimate care.

Endothelial cells are biologically active and line the inside wall of all the blood vessels in your body. Working properly, these cells secrete hormones and proteins essential for the proper function of your cardiovascular system.

Common conditions such as aging, diabetes, hypertension, smoking and high levels of cholesterol can cause ECD. The secretion of Renin, Angiotensin and activation of the sympathetic nervous system (“Neurohormonal activation”) are also possible causes. Neurohormonal activation is known to occur in several cardiovascular disease states such as heart failure, myocardial infarction and hypertension.

But the effects of venous disease on neurohormonal activation are not well studied. There are physiologic reasons to believe that decreased circulating volume that happens in patients with venous insufficiency can cause this neurohormonal activation, in the same manner that it happens in patients with heart failure. It is easy to see that this impaired circulation can cause ECD and can trigger other hazardous effects  within your circulatory system.


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