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Spider veins are common anomalies in the lower extremities, and they can creep up from the foot to the thighs. For many people, they are harmless. Still, they can have a significant impact on your self-confidence. For other patients, they can also cause pain in severe cases. Thankfully, advanced methods are now available for spider vein removal and treatment in Los Angeles.

At Beverly Hills Heart and Vascular Center, we use the latest techniques to eliminate unwanted spider veins. Dr. Madyoon works closely with each patient to deliver compassionate care and life-changing results. As the best cardiovascular surgeon Los Angeles has around, he always uses the latest and most effective methods for promoting veinous health.

What Is Spider Vein Removal About?

Spider vein removal is a treatment that provides patients with both physical and psychological benefits. By eliminating unsightly veins, you can feel confident in your looks. Wearing shorts or skirts will no longer be something to dread. In fact, you will start to look forward to it.

It also comes with physical benefits. Namely, it promotes good health and prevents further risk to cardiovascular health. Your circulation becomes healthier, which is reflected in your body as a whole.

What Causes Spider Veins?

On the surface, varicose veins and spider veins may only appear to be cosmetic issues. However, they may indicate a more serious underlying problem affecting your venous system. The veins function by carrying blood from the body back to the heart.

Normally, the valves in your veins serve as one-way flaps that prevent blood from flowing backward. If the valves are damaged or weak, blood may flow back into the veins and build up. This causes swelling and the appearance of large, twisted varicose veins on the surface of the skin.

Spider veins are much smaller and often considered not dangerous. However, they may also indicate blood reflux deeper under the skin in some cases.

Other causes include:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Injuries
  • Exposure to the sun

Why Do I Have Spider Veins on My Legs?

Causes can vary from patient to patient. The only way to be sure of your causes is to have a professional examination. With an experienced physician, you can identify the root problem.

Most of the time, they develop because of venous hypertension. This condition occurs when there is increased pressure in the venous system. The form of your spider vein removal treatment in Beverly Hills will depend on the cause. During your consultation, Dr. Madyoon will work with you to develop an optimal treatment plan.

Laser Spider Vein Removal

Laser treatment is an effective and safe way to remove spider veins. This treatment can take three different forms. The one you receive will be personalized to meet your needs. Laser treatments include:

  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Laser vein removal
  • Foam ablation

These treatments work by reopening compressed veins with stenting. After that, we use sclerotherapy and microphlebectomy to remove them and eliminate any remaining ropey varicose veins. Patients report high rates of satisfaction with these treatments. And they are highly convenient and non-invasive.

Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is a condition often caused by weak or damaged valves. For some patients, they might notice the effects of this condition, also called venous reflux. For others, it may lead to the appearance of varicose and spider veins.

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The Madyoon Method is to first diagnose patients. To do so, we use only the latest and most effective methods. Dr. Madyoon begins with a comprehensive venous Doppler ultrasound.

We use our expert approach of looking upstream in the venous system—with an MRI when necessary—to properly diagnose the source of venous problems. Then, once we know and understand the cause, we can put together a treatment.

Treatment modalities offered include:

  • Radiofrequency vein ablation with the VNUS® system
  • Varithena®
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Microphlebectomy

Your individualized treatment could include some or all of these techniques. Some patients may respond well to safe injections. In comparison, others might require a combination of laser therapy and other methods. Your personalized plan will be shaped to specifically meet your concerns. At Beverly Hills Heart and Vascular Center, we offer the best vein removal treatments.

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Importance of Treatment

As with your heart and arteries, any damage to the veins can significantly affect your entire health. Addressing vein concerns is a way to improve your whole body.

This is why we offer advanced methods of spider vein treatment. To provide a full picture of your needs, we look at the whole 3-part cardiovascular system:

  • Your heart
  • Arteries
  • And veins

This ensures you receive the best possible treatment.

Treatment in Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Heart and Vascular Center in Los Angeles is a spider vein removal center specializing in treating venous diseases

As a recognized vein treatment center in Los Angeles, BHCVI employs the Madyoon method to evaluate the patient’s cardiovascular health completely and accurately.

If you need spider vein removal in Los Angeles, you can book an appointment with Dr. Madyoon or contact us to learn more about spider vein treatments.

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