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The Madyoon Method

Is Venous Reflux Disease Hard to Diagnose?

What Are the Various Venous Diseases?

Why Is It Best To Seek Out The Madyoon Method?









Is Venous Reflux Disease Hard to Diagnose?

Yes. And No. Some secondary sources are relatively easy to find. Some are not. But you can take special comfort in knowing diagnosis and treatment are where The Madyoon Method excels. Assuming your examination begins with an expert monographer, venous reflux disease can sometimes be easily diagnosed with a simple ultrasound examination that takes just a few minutes.

However, a misdiagnosis can cause some patients to get inappropriate treatment. After injections and surgery, these patients often see a recurrence of varicose veins. The Madyoon Method blends the latest technologies with unmatched experience to positively identify the source of your reflux disease, including the use of MRI and CT angiography. Often, after the cause of venous reflux is identified, a 20 minute office procedure with laser or radio frequency ablation can usually take care of the problem and dry out the source of blood to those unsightly and troubling varicose veins.


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