Month: August 2019

Why are Spider Veins Itchy?

person sitting on bench scratching leg because of itchy spider veins

While spider veins are somewhat harmless, they can provide some unfortunate discomfort. Apart from not being the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at on our bodies, they can also be quite itchy or cause a burning sensation. Why Do Spider Veins Occur? Spider veins are small blood vessels underneath the skin’s surface that form …


Common Causes of Leg Swelling

Elderly woman's swollen legs and feet in need of the best cardiologist in Los Angeles

Have you recently noticed your pants and socks fitting tighter? This may be due to swelling in your legs. A variety of factors cause swollen legs, some more serious than others. In order to get an accurate diagnosis of what is causing the swelling for you specifically, contact the Beverly Hills Vein Center today. As …