Do Spider Veins Spread?

Do Spider Veins Spread?

Spider veins may not have the same notoriety as varicose veins, but they are just as unsightly. The worst part is that spider veins are extremely common, especially for women. Although they are not inherently dangerous, many women would like to know if spider veins spread and how to stop them. Fortunately, there are treatment options you can opt for Los Angeles vein treatment from Beverly Hills Vein Center. But what can you do to prevent them and stop the spreading before they become a major problem?

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins happen because of swollen or twisted veins below the skin’s surface that manifest as red or blue webbing you can see through the skin. The way these veins show under your skin is reminiscent of a spider’s web, hence the name. These tiny blood vessels are typically superficial veins, so the fact they can be seen under the skin is not dangerous. However, this doesn’t bring many people solace in regards to how they look. Spider veins are typically less noticeable than varicose veins because they do not make the skin bulge. They can show up anywhere on the body but are typically found in the legs or face.

Factors such as obesity, excessive standing, and pregnancy can play a role in the appearance of spider veins. However, the biggest culprits are hereditary factors and age. According to experts, most women will see spider veins throughout the aging process.

Do Spider Veins Spread?

The short answer is: yes, spider veins do spread. The main cause of spider veins is lack of proper blood flow. Once an area becomes affected, it can easily spread to the surrounding veins. Spider veins left untreated can begin to multiply. Therefore, it is crucial to utilize proper preventative measures before they surface.

How can I Prevent Spider Veins?

Prevention typically comes from increasing blood flow and reducing damage to your veins. Preventing and mitigating the spread of spider veins is very easy if you follow these simple rules.

First, exercise regularly and focus on your legs to help with circulation. Especially since following a consistent exercise program has a lot of other added health benefits as well.

Second, adopt healthy eating habits to avoid gaining weight, which also does more for your overall health than just prevent spider veins. It is also important not to stand or sit for long periods of time. Too much of one or the other will result in a lack of proper blood flow.

Lastly, use sunscreen regularly because people with lighter skin could be more susceptible to spider veins if not protected.

How can I Treat Spider Veins that Have Appeared?

If you have spider veins spread on your body, then there is one at-home treatment you can try first. If the affected area is in your legs, use compression socks. Since pressure is the cause of spider veins, compression socks can help increase blood flow to reduce pressure. If you are looking for a more intensive treatment, then there is professional help available. Some of these treatments include sclerotherapy, laser treatment, and very rarely, surgery.

The important thing to remember is that any treatment with maintenance will only be a temporary fix. If you decide to professionally treat your spider veins, be sure to adopt preventative routines as well or you will continue to have the same problem. Contact Dr. Madyoon at the Beverly Hills Vein Center to see which option is right for you. We can help you reclaim your skin to look as smooth and beautiful as possible.