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Top Risk Factors for Ischemia

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Myocardial ischemia is a debilitating condition that can impact a patient’s general sense of well-being in ways both large and small. Given that the condition impacts the heart and involves the amount of oxygen that it receives, it makes sense that one would want to take treating this condition as seriously as possible. Below, we …


What Does Alcohol Do to Your Veins?

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Alcohol impacts the body in innumerable ways both physiologically and psychologically. The depth of these impacts varies wildly from person to person. But what does alcohol do to your veins? One thing that medical professionals have determined is that excessive alcohol use can increase your risk of developing some kind of vein disease. In particular, …


The Worst Habits For Your Arteries

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As the biggest cause of death in the nation, heart disease is a serious threat to nearly every adult. No matter how healthy you are, you may be unknowingly damaging your arteries through daily habits that prevent your body from fully protecting itself. It is a good idea to understand the initial symptoms and warning …