Spider Veins During Pregnancy

Spider Veins During Pregnancy

It’s no secret that pregnancy can make the body go through many drastic changes. Your skin might stretch to sizes it’s never been before, and that can cause some unsavory looks in a few particular areas. Spider veins, in particular, are one of the biggest concerns that pregnant people face. At Beverly Hills Vein Center, we recognize this as a growing problem during pregnancy and want to help you understand the best ways to treat spider veins and keep your body beautiful while you go through the most powerful changes of your life. Please contact our vein treatment center in Los Angeles to learn more!

What Are Spider Veins?

Otherwise known as varicose veins, spider veins are a dark purple vein that sprouts across parts of your body such as your legs and stomach. The shape and nature of the veins resemble spider legs, which is what coined its name.

They can grow anywhere from your legs to your face. While they are not medically dangerous, and typically don’t cause any discomfort, they can at times make your legs feel heavy or burdened. Care.com finds a direct correlation between pregnancy and the development of spider veins.

Now that you know what they are…what can you do to stop them or cover them up?

Reducing Their Appearance

It’s not always easy to completely avoid growing these varicose veins altogether. However, you can do something to control them.

Our varicose veins specialists recommend the following strategies:

  • Do not cross your ankles when you sit, and try not to twist your legs in uncomfortable positions.
  • Elevate your feet and legs when you lay down or sit.
  • Exercise as often as possible and try not to gain too much weight.
  • Keep a pillow behind your back when you sleep.

Of course, these are all natural remedies and preventative measures that you can take at home. Our vein treatment center in Los Angeles offers progressive and successful solutions to treating varicose veins when you’re ready for something more direct.

Medical Procedures and Solutions

The American Pregnancy Association recommends not going forward with any kind of surgery or medical treatment during pregnancy. There is too much of a risk of harming yourself or your child. However, rest assured that in almost all cases, the spider veins reduce drastically after pregnancy.

After giving birth, your body and skin size start to return to your normal standard. This means a reduction in the ugly purple and blue veins that web their way across your skin. If you are still having trouble dealing with varicose veins, you can reach out to our doctors for further assistance.

If you do have lasting spider veins and need them removed, our Vein Center has a specialty spider vein removal procedure available to you. We can offer laser removal treatments that will get rid of the look on your skin and keep your veins happy and healthy.

Again, it is important to remember not to invest in this type of procedure during pregnancy. Not only do you risk your child if you have surgery, but any treatments used might also affect breast milk. It’s best to consult with us right away and create a plan for how we can best help you after you’ve delivered your child.

Vein Treatment Center Los Angeles

At Beverly Hills Vein Center, we care about the health of your veins, which directly affects your cardiovascular system. Sometimes, spider veins can get out of hand. And while they aren’t dangerous to your health, they can create an unappealing look. We offer several solutions to help you remove these veins as quickly as possible. If you are no longer pregnant, you can reach out to our vein treatment center in Los Angeles for a consultation. Please contact us online or give us a call at (310) 492-8858 for more information. We look forward to helping you!