Why are Spider Veins Itchy?

Why are Spider Veins Itchy?

While spider veins are somewhat harmless, they can provide some unfortunate discomfort. Apart from not being the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at on our bodies, they can also be quite itchy or cause a burning sensation.

Why Do Spider Veins Occur?

Spider veins are small blood vessels underneath the skin’s surface that form in a spider-web-like formation. They are often caused by obesity, prolonged standing, leg injury, or genetics. They may also be caused by too much sun exposure. As you age, varicose or spider veins are quite normal, but they can provide some uncomfortable symptoms.

Itchy Spider Veins

Spider veins are essentially a build-up of blood in these tiny blood vessels. When this happens, the vessels are damaged and blood can leak out into the skin, causing inflammation.

Varicose veins itch because of a condition called venous stasis dermatitis or venous eczema. When blood builds up in damaged vessels, it can eventually leak out into the skin. This causes inflammation and not enough oxygen reaching your skin, thus resulting in itchy spider veins.

The itch can become very intense, but it’s best to try not to succumb to itching the area, as sores and bumps can occur. This causes further irritation of the skin and could lead to an infection. If sores occur, they may end up oozing fluid and scabbing over.

Other Spider Vein Symptoms

Other symptoms of spider veins may be swelling, heaviness, and throbbing in the area affected. This is because blood is building up in the area, as it is unable to send blood back up from the legs to the heart.

How to Treat Itchy Spider Veins

The best way to treat itchy spider veins is to prevent them from occurring altogether. Making the appropriate lifestyle changes by incorporating regular exercise, a healthy diet, and maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure are a few good ways to start. You may want to create a habit of walking at least an hour a day, for example. Walking is not only good for your veins, but they’re also great for heart health and brain functioning. Wearing clothes that are too tight and restrict blood flow also cause spider veins to worsen. Be sure to trade these for something your skin can breathe in. If you work in an office environment, you may want to get a standing desk. Sitting or standing for long periods of time is a major cause of spider veins. Being able to switch it up every hour or so will help prevent them from happening.

If you already have itchy spider veins, there are a number of ways to provide relief:

  • Keep your legs elevated to prevent them from getting worse and encouraging blood flow back to the heart.
  • Apply medical cream that contains corticosteroid or calcineurin inhibitor in order to decrease inflammation.
  • Compression socks also help increase blood flow and are available at most pharmacies.
  • Taking an antihistamine will also black the chemical that causes the skin to itch: histamine.
  • Antibiotics may also be prescribed by your doctor if the veins become infected.
  • If your spider veins continue to worsen, you may want to consider seeing your vein specialist in Los Angeles for treatment.

Though these methods will provide some instant relief, it’s important that you seek professional help as well. Itchy spider veins can lead to a whole slew of other problems if you aren’t careful. If you’re looking to gain some professional aid with your spider veins or looking to remove them with surgery, don’t hesitate to call Beverly Hills Vein Center today at 310-492-8858.